A Piece of History

In 1987, Buzzy Orange and his band, The Buzzy Orange Band, was invited to represent the United States for a 4th of July celebration in Beijing.  The invitation to come to China was issued from the American Ambassador to China, Winston Lord, in answer to a request from the President of China, Teng T’sao Ping.  The Buzzy Orange Band was one of several bands considered for this great honor and was chosen after several months of negotiation with the American Embassy in Beijing.

The band’s tour in China included a special 4th of July party for all of the world’s ambassadors to China at the home of Ambassador Lord and his wife, Betty Bao Lord.  After this exclusive party the band performed for 10,000 at a street party at the American Embassy.  The tour was completed with a week at the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel in Beijing with special events throughout the week. While in China, the band performed seven concerts in ten days.